Top 5 best glass cutting boards of 2020

You’ve probably heard all kinds of conflicting advice on which kind of glass cutting boards are the least damaging to your kitchen. So, who’s right? I will nail the topic to make it easy for you to decide.

Whoever loves to eat and make foods like me, a kitchen is an absolute heaven for them. In that heaven chopping, cutting, kneading etc. are everyday work to do. The chopping boards are mandatory yet they can add elegance and luxury in your Kitchen. Among all the cutting boards in the market, glass cutting boards are different and classy from all. It also serves the purpose and necessity of the kitchen.

Are you the one who likes to maintain a perfect, clean and odorless kitchen? Do you want to decorate the kitchen to portray great taste? Here the glass cutting boards can give you the absolute freedom to enjoy it.

Best Glass Cutting Boards

The quick essential buyer guidelines to get the Best Glass Cutting Boards

To buy the most suitable and best decorative glass cutting boards it is important to know about them properly. Basically, the glass cutting boards are of different shapes, sizes, and thickness. Based on the buyer preferences and choices a user can get them as transparent, plain or with creative designs. There are many personalized glass cutting boards are available.

The surface of the board can also vary on the basis of smoothness, textures, and roughness. The glass cutting boards have rubber stoppers attached to them to avoid their slippery effect. The rubber stoppers are transferable from one side to another and easily removable.

The price range varies for the design, sizes, and shapes of the board. It depends on the buyer's preference and budget mostly. They need to go through the reviews and search from different varieties to get ideas from the current users.

Decorative Glass Cutting Boards

Reviews to spark you with Top 5 best Glass Cutting Boards of the market

Are you an art lover or love to add unique designed and decorative glass cutting board? Are you looking for some best glass cutting board options? Then you have arrived at the right place to find out the top five glass cutting boards. I am excitedly representing you all of them with a detailed review to choose the best-desired glass cutting boards of your choice.

What I Absolutely Love

Product Image
Product Name
Key Feature
Surface Saver Tempered-Best Glass Cutting Boards
  • Item Size:20 X 16-Inch
  • Customer Reviews:(4.3/5)
  • Item Weight:5.3 pounds
  • Price:$$
View on Amazon
CounterArt Reflections of the Sun Glass Cutting Board
  • Item Size:15 inch
  • Customer Reviews:(4/5)
  • Item Weight:1.5 pounds
  • Price:$$
View on Amazon
Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Board
  • Item Size:15.4 x 11.3 x 0.5 inches
  • Customer Reviews:(3.8/5)
  • Item Weight:2.51 pounds
  • Price:$$
View on Amazon
CounterArt Black Marble Design Glass Cutting Board
  • Item Size:12 inch
  • Customer Reviews:(3.7/5)
  • Item Weight:1 pounds
  • Price:$$
View on Amazon
Brownlow Kitchen Woodgrain Multicolor Glass Cutting Board
  • Item Size:15 x 12-inches
  • Customer Reviews:(4.5/5)
  • Item Weight:2.65 pounds
  • Price:$$
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1. Surface Saver Tempered-Best Glass Cutting Boards​​​​:

The Surface Saver Tempered-Best Glass Cutting Boards comes with 20X16 inches dimension with a sleek design. The high-quality materials are used to make the boards durable and long-lasting. The cutting board is perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping and as a serving tray.

The base of the board designed with the non-slippery plastic surface. This model is one of the best glass cutting boards and recommended by most of the users.

Surface Saver Glass Cutting Boards

Product features :

  • Non-porous cutting surface
  • Weighs 5.2 pounds perfect with the size
  • Impact resistant tempered glass
  • Heat resistant and damage free
  • Anti-slip holders on the corners
  • Install-able into the counter-top with Stainless Steel Frame separately
This is my third purchase of Surface Saver glass cutting board. I don’t only use them for cutting but also placed it on my counter tops. In this strategic location, it acts as trivets or to define the work space. The board looks great and helps to protect my stainless steel and marble counter-tops.


  • Wide surface area
  • Resistant to stain and odor.
  • Great to protect special counter-top
  • Easy to clean
  • Great quality and heat protected


  • Too large for some counters
  • Storage problem for huge size
  • Delicate for the thinness issue
  • Frosted glass not preferable by some users
Surface Saver Glass Cutting Board


2. CounterArt Reflections of the Sun Glass Cutting Board:

If you are a unique and sophisticated art lover then blindly go for this multi-tasking yet decorative glass cutting board. It is perfect for prepping, cutting and serving with a sturdy tempered glass body. The excellent color and attractive designed glass board are unbreakable and highly durable.

It comes in 15X12 inches size. The hygienic and non-porous surface is stain, scratch, and bacteria resistant. It will surely bring you true admiration from your beloved guests for your great taste.

Counterart Reflections Glass Cutting Boards

Product Feature:

  • A small sized board with 0.2-inch of thickness
  • Lightweight and dishwasher safe
  • Break-resistant materials with contemporary painting
  • Rubber pad at the back to prevents slipping or sliding
  • Prevent scratches on counter-tops


  • Easy to store and clean
  • Decorative masterpiece.
  • Useful to save counter-top
  • Hide knife marks with artwork
  • Reasonable price


  • Not very user-friendly
  • Slippery surface
  • Delicate board
  • Too heavy

3. Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Board:

The Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Board is one of the solid and robust models among all the board available in the market. The surface of the board is sturdy and stain resistant. The tempered glass is useful for heat, scratches, and condensation protection. This model is of 15X11 inches enable the user to do slicing, dicing and chopping efficiently.

Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Boards

Product Feature:

  • The excellent decor of Tempered Glass cutting boards
  • Unbreakable cutting board
  • Non-porous cutting and sanitary work surface
  • Durable, long-lasting, and odor-free clear glass
  • Heat, condensation, and scratches resistant
  •  Non-slip feet hold the board 


  • Hygienic and easy to sterilize
  • Easy wipe surface
  • Well feet grip and nice design
  • Useful top textured surface and a smooth bottom surface


  • Washing makes the board hot
  • Cold water causes crack on instant contact after washing
  • Slippery feet and fall off often

4. CounterArt Black Marble Design Glass Cutting Board:

The beautiful break resistant and solid tempered glass cutting black marble boards can be a great addition in your kitchen. It is not only come with a unique design but also suitable for myriad tasks of the kitchen. The body of the board is shatter-resistant and great counter saver.

The artistic, colorful and uncommon design comes with 12X15 dimensions. It is also equipped with non-skid material. The material helps to hold the board in place and prevents scratches on the countertop.

Counterart Black Glass Cutting Boards

Product Features:

  • Sturdy shatter-proof board
  • Constructed with heat-resistant tempered glass
  • Non-skid feet to offer stability
  • Prevent scratches on counter-tops 
  • Unique artistic design
  • Great for multi-tasking in the kitchen


  • Great protector for the counter-top
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight
  • Heat resistant and easy to store


  • Make loud noise while chopping
  • Too thin to use

5. Brownlow Kitchen Woodgrain Multicolor Glass Cutting Board:

This multi color glass cutting board comes in 15X12 inches dimension. It is very durable with the quality of scratch and stain resistance. It is also great for withstanding temperature to provide you service in the roughest environment like 450 degrees. The multicolored design made it unique of all which is an excellent gift item for your loved ones.

Brownlow Gifts Glass Cutting Boards

Product Features:

  • Tempered glass cutting and serving board
  • Great size and design
  • Heat and scratch resistant
  • Durable and great quality


  • Perfect for chopping and slicing
  • Nice design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain


  • Loud sound maker
  • Destroy the sharpness of the knife
  • Hard to work on the textured glass
Brownlow Gifts Glass Cutting Board


After overall discussion and reviews, I can confidently assure you about the best quality and material of the products. They are the finest glass cutting boards compared to the other products of the market. The design, color, texture, price, quality etc. make the prime difference to choose the best decorative glass cutting boards.

Precautions you need to remember before choosing any Glass Cutting board

Something you might not forget before choosing a glass cutting board that, they can dull the knives extremely fast. The tempered glasses of the boards are not also suitable for fast and hard cutting. Apart from other glass boards, personalized or custom glass boards are only suitable for decoration pieces.

Butcher Block Cutting Boards

The foods can get slippery on the glass surface to get the user into any trouble or inconvenience. The boards can also lead to dangerous accidents anytime with a little carelessness. The glass cutting boards are not the most popular chopping tools. But they get admired for the absolute unique style, beauty, and texture.

Key benefits of Glass Cutting Boards

For so many reasons, Glass cutting boards are still preferable and favorite to many. Among the top reasons, I have tried to mention the most necessary, effective and useful benefits which are must to know. These will give you the absolute satisfaction and pleasure in your buying decision. I bet you won't regret your choice at all.

Custom Glass Cutting Boards
  • Non-porous so bacteria and dirt cannot get into it.
  • The quality ensures the hygiene and sanitary factor.
  • Easy to clean with automated dishwashers.
  • Light, thin and inexpensive.
  • Suitable for pie crust, dough or cutting cookies.
  • Get less stained or scratched compared to plastic and wood boards.
  • Durable and impact-resistant.
  • Beautiful and stylish kitchen décor.
  • Excellent designs and flexibility provider.

Along with all the benefits, it can be a great gift to anyone on any occasion. It is also very easy to make personalized glass cutting board at home within a cheap price. There are many decorative or customized glass cutting boards are available on online or in the market.

All the pieces are unique, stylish and nice. So to know how to make butcher block cutting board you can take help from YouTube and follow the step by step process.

Common Questions asked by people

Where to buy glass cutting boards?

How to make personalized glass cutting boards?

How safe are glass cutting boards?

Why glass cutting boards are bad?

What are glass cutting boards good for?

A glass cutting board is a must to complete the kitchen décor and make the guest go wow after watching it. It will give you a great feeling and leave you with an absolute joy of buying anything so simple yet classy.  They will not only fulfill the need of the chopping boards but also will give you the pleasure of decorating the kitchen.

With all the options given above, I can guarantee you utmost happiness of buying one of the top glass cutting boards. You will never go wrong with any of these products to get the promised benefits and great quality overall.

Top 5 Best Glass Cutting Boards of 2020 - Review & Buying Guide
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