SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer (240W AC Motor, 60 RPMs, 3″ Large Mouth) – Vertical Masticating Cold Press Juicer

When it comes to juicing, there are two types of people. You either have the people who say the faster is the better, or the people who want their juice done slowly. While centrifugal juicers are great for those who are always in a rush, a masticating juicer is preferred if you want a high quality end product full of vitamins. Masticating juicers take a bit of time to get the juice, but it is far worth it. SKG knows this, so they created a near perfect masticating juicer for all of the consumers at home who want a healthy product and a smooth pulp-free juice. While it is a bit more expensive than other juicers at just over $300, the advanced features on this juicer make it worth the extra money invested.

Best Features

This SKG juicer spins at only 60 RPMs, which makes the machine squeeze out every drop of juice that is remaining in the pulp. The low speed makes for low oxidation, so you can store the juice for a few days without it going bad. This means you can prepare juice in bulk, making it perfect for a cleanse or meal prepping. The feeding chute is large at 3 inches, so whole fruits and vegetables can be put down there without cutting them in half. All the parts are made of high quality stainless steel compared to the plastic of most juicers.

What’s Included

This juicer is 16 pounds, and it comes with a pulp container and juicer container.


The juice is stored inside until you move the spout to let it out. This makes it so that there is less splash overall and less juice wasted. The slow spinning blades make the juice smoother, and it has more nutrients overall than those who juice with a centrifugal machines. The design is a rich red color, which makes it perfect for those who have a trendy or classic kitchen. From hard carrots to soft berries, this juicer makes the perfect glass of juice. It gets upwards of 90% of juice out of the fruits and vegetables. Plus, the parts are easy to take apart and clean.


Most users express that this juicer is a bit heavy. If you don’t store it on your countertop then it is hard to keep moving it at sixteen pounds.

Final Verdict

If you’re juicing for health reasons, you cannot let this SKG juicer go by. While it might be a bit more expensive, it is worth the extra money spent. Forget those expensive juices at the store. Buy your own organic fruits and vegetables and juice away for the perfect concoction.

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