NEW TALENT AOKEL Moonshine Still Purifying Water Alcohol Distiller, Home Brewing Kit Stainless Copper Tube With Thumper Keg Submarine PUMP 3-Piece Airlock, Silver 3Pots9.6GAL38L

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  • (SAFE and NON-TOXIC MATERIAL)Boiler, thumper keg and condensor (worm) material is premium-quality stainless steel. Vapor and final distilled product fully conveyed through red copper tube which help to remove sulfide from the distilling solution, resulting in a better taste and smell of the final product.
  • (Rapid Cooling)Red copper coils with rapid thermal conductivity assures promising cooling performance together with large contact area with the coolant. Pump gives steady supply of cold water into the lower inlet and hot water drains from upper outlet for efficient cooling.With ball valve control, you don’t need to worry water outflow.Rubber feet under condensor (worm) insulates heat from lid.
  • (Upgrade with Thumper Keg)Thump keg helps draw off the hot vapor, which in turn helps vaporize the alcohol for a type of second distillation.It effectively gives you a second distillation in a single run to get higher purity.If your boiler spits out any foam, this will get held back by the thumper, so you only have clean vapour going to the condensor (worm).It’s also perfect for adding flavors to your product!
  • (Fully Accessories)3-Piece air lock is for fermentation process,you don’t need additional money for it. It’s BPA free and can be disassembled, completely cleaned with a small brush. Submarine pump will help you to save water and give steady supply of water. Precise build-in thermometer provides two kinds of degrees – Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is convenient for you to monitor the temperature
  • (MULTIPURPOSE USAGE)AOKEL moonshine still will enable you to homemade alcohol, brandy whiskey and more. You can also distill water and essential oils. It is a way to express yourself, your craft and your sense of independence, all while creating fantastic products that you can share with your family and friends.

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Date First Available June 22, 2021

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NEW TALENT AOKEL Moonshine Still Purifying Water Alcohol Distiller, Home Brewing Kit Stainless Copper Tube With Thumper Keg Submarine PUMP 3-Piece Airlock, Silver 3Pots9.6GAL38L


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