9 Pcs Refrigerator Liners, Shelf Liners Drawer Liners 45*30CM Waterproof Washable Non-Slip EVA Cabinet Liner for Refrigerator Drawer Placemat Cupboard BPA Free No Cutting Home Kitchen Gadgets

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Brand Babyfond
Colour Daisy
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Product dimensions 45L x 45W centimetres
Pattern 花饰
Product care instructions hand wash
Number of items 9
Number of pieces 9
Size 45*30cm
Is stain resistant Yes

About this item

  • 🌼 EVA MATERIAL: The refrigerator mat is made of high-quality EVA material, which can be washed with water and has a good anti-skid effect, no peculiar smell, no BPA and can be in direct contact with food and vegetables, safe, saving time and effort you spend cleaning your refrigerator.Please note that the slip-resistant pattern is only on the front side.
  • 🌼 NO CUTTING: Refrigerator pads are all pre-cut to size, suitable for placing in the refrigerator, keeping the inside of the refrigerator clean, while keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and can be cut to the size of the liner you need to decorate your refrigerator, car refrigerator, drawer, kitchen cabinet shelf, dining table, etc.In order to prevent the edge of the roll we gave a total of 36 acrylic adhesive, fully sufficient to use.
  • 🌼 NON-SLIP: Put the smooth side of the refrigerator liner down, it can be tightly attached to the shelf, the side with the bump pattern is up, has a good anti-slip effect, easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet towel or Just rinse with water.Perfect fridge drawer liners, very easy to clean. Just use wet cloth to wipe off the stains or debris on the surface and it will be new again.
  • 🌼 EXQUISITE PATTERN: Exclusive design pattern, refrigerator mat size is 17.7″*11.8″/45cm*30cm, each set has 9 mats, there are 2 kinds of beautiful patterns, chrysanthemum refrigerator mat and lemon refrigerator mat, you can choose your favorite pattern to decorate your refrigerator kitchen or anywhere.
  • 🌼 KITCHEN GOOD HELPER: Our refrigerator liners are kitchen essential gadgets for home organizers, women’s kitchen accessories, refrigerator shelf liners for glass shelves to prevent liquid spills, or for furniture shelves, cabinet pads are effective The anti-slip decorative effect reduces your workload and makes life more perfect.

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Product information

Technical Details

Brand ‎Babyfond
Model Number ‎001
Colour ‎Daisy
Product Dimensions ‎45 x 45 x 0.25 cm; 368 Grams
Material ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Item Weight ‎368 g

Additional Information

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank 113,176 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)
79 in Drawer Organisers (Home & Kitchen)
Date First Available 9 May 2022


9 Pcs Refrigerator Liners, Shelf Liners Drawer Liners 45*30CM Waterproof Washable Non-Slip EVA Cabinet Liner for Refrigerator Drawer Placemat Cupboard BPA Free No Cutting Home Kitchen Gadgets


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