KitchenAid KSM1FPA Food Processor Attachment

If Kitchen Aid is known for anything, it’s for their high quality products. Their kitchen appliances are amazing, and this food processor is no exception. A food processor from a trusted brand is now available thanks to them. This attachment fits perfectly on the mixer that you have at home, making it easy to use. It takes up much less space than a traditional food processor, and it works just as well. It is powered by the mixer that you have at home.

Best Features

Instead of getting yet another appliance, this food processor attachment makes it easy to have a food processor without giving up your precious kitchen countertop. The power is all from your mixer, and it can slice through the toughest foods. There is an exact slice system that you set to change the slice from thick to thin. You can slice foods, shred foods, or juliennes foods. This makes it easy to grate all that cheese, or those carrots for carrot cake. There’s a wide feed tube that makes it easy to put in thick pieces of food without having to cut it. The dimensions are 6.9 inches x 10.2 inches x 9.7 inches. It weighs just about five pounds total. It is white and stainless steel in color.

What’s Included

When you purchase this food processor attachment you get the food processor, the slicing disk, julienne disc, and shredding disc. The Kitchen Aid Mixer is not included.


This is a great attachment like the rest of the Kitchen Aid attachments. This food processor makes it so that there is little prep and effort involved in grating or shredding a bunch of different foods. It’s nice to have a food processor attachment that isn’t huge and can be stored easily in your cabinets in your kitchen. Because it is powered by the power hub on your mixer, there’s no cords to keep track of.


The only con people have is how to store this attachment. It is a bit of an awkward shape, so storing it can be difficult.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a pretty good product to have. While it doesn’t have everything that a full sized food processor has, it is fairly easy to store since it is small. You can buy a storage case to store it if the shape bothers you in your cabinets, but it is definitely much smaller to store than a full sized food processor. It cuts down on prep time for you when you are working with fruits and vegetables. If you find yourself slicing a lot of produce, or you end up grating a few times a week, you should get this Kitchen Aid food processor attachment for $69.

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