iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop

Every once in a while, a machine revolutionizes things we do on the daily. One of these machines is a robotic vacuum. Much like a dishwasher washes your dishes, a robotic vacuum cleans your floors. There’s nothing more exhausting than having to clean your floors, especially if you are in a large home. It can take a lot of time, and a day later it seems they are once again dirty. No one wants to live in a dirty home, but living in a clean home can be tiring. A robotic vacuum can take that conundrum away. The dirty floors will no longer be an issue because it will go around your home and clean while you are away. Pet hair, dirt, and crumbs don’t stand a chance, and you’ll be shocked with how much this little robot picks up. Because there are so many different models available, keep reading to see what sets this one apart from the rest.

Best Features

This robotic mop can do a lot, and it’s a good thing that it is made by iRobot. iRobot has been making these for years, so you can trust their craftsmanship. This little machine will both mop and sweep all hard floors in your home, making it the perfect vacuum for those who have mostly hardwood or tile throughout their house. Because it is small and square shaped, it can easily get into those corners and other hard to reach areas. It uses precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning so it gets even dried and crusted on stains. It also automatically selects the cleaning mode and will go from wet mopping to damp sweeping to dry sweeping. It also wont spray or harm your walls and furniture.

What’s Included

When you purchase this vacuum you will receive:
• Braava jet 240 Robot Mop
• Lithium Ion Battery
• Battery Charger
• 2 Wet Mopping Pads
• 2 Damp Sweeping Pads
• 2 Dry Sweeping Pads
• Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Owner’s Guide and Documentation Package


The nice thing about this robotic vacuum is that it is square shaped. Many of the circular mops don’t work very well because they cannot reach corners. This shape allows it to get into those hard to reach areas without any problem. The white color and design of this vacuum is also really nice in a kitchen or living area. The different modes that automatically switch are a huge benefit and most users were pleasantly surprised with how well it could detect which mode would be best.


The only downside to this mop is that it cannot vacuum as well. There are other models out there that can do both, so this is something to consider.

Final Verdict

If you have mostly hard floors in your home, this is the perfect robotic mop. It isn’t too expensive and it definitely gets the job done. You should not hesitate to purchase this vacuum.

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